Meet The Artist

I am Leslie McGriff, the Artist behind Elle Chase Accents, LLC. I love all things “Beautiful” and have a PASSION for making People understand that they are TRULY beautiful inside and out.

After 12 years of being an Interior Designer by Trade, I decided to follow my passion to become a Master Cosmetologist and LOVED every bit of it! I loved it so much that I wanted to sow into others, making their dreams come true as well. I continued my education to become a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor, and again, I absolutely LOVED it! It was more than just teaching students to pass a State Board Exam, It was a LIFESTYLE. Nothing compared to speaking LIFE and STRENGTH into my students…beautiful, powerful, young women.

When the Pandemic began, I retired as a Master Cosmetologist. I understood that God didn’t put restrictions on  “Blessing the work of my hands.” I wanted to Establish something special to Honor the Life and Legacy of my Grandmother, Lillie Mae Chase. After much Prayer, my Mother, Lillian Chase McGriff and I, decided to create Elle Chase Accents, LLC. We created the name by spelling out the letter ‘L’, representing Lillie, Lillian and Leslie, and added her Surname, Chase. 

We Handcraft Beautiful jewelry for Men, Women and Children, from Natural stone, glass, and metal embellishments. It is our accomplished goal to pride ourselves in Integrity, Class, and Unmatched Creativity. When you wear one of our pieces, we want you to feel EMPOWERED. Make a Statement. Know that you ARE Fearfully and Wonderfully made!

In Honor of

Lillie Mae Chase


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